Unmatched products made with superior quality ingredients. 

At Truck & barter we work very hard to bring you superior quality scents, unmatched in today's candle marketplace. Our fragrances are bold and sophisticated, with many notes coming through on each burn. Our fragrance is composed of Phthalate-free aroma fragrance oils and natural essential oils and are in compliance with the most recent guidelines published by I.F.R.A . (International Fragrance Association). Each luxurious candle is poured with a sustainable and natural 100% soy wax, using a clean burning cotton core wick. Our home diffusers are compliant with the California VOC regulations. 


We are deeply inspired by interior design and creating a sense of home. Julia has a degree and background in interior design and brings a designer element to each product. There is no higher compliment than bringing our product into your home.

Made in small batches in California, using 100% natural, American-made, soy wax, you can feel good about burning one of our unique scents. Nothing is more important to us than the quality of the ingredients that go into each one of our products. Thank you for choosing superior quality candles, home diffusers, and handmade craftsmanship! We truly appreciate your support.




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